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Paint Protection

Do paint chips, scuffs and scratches drive you nuts?
Do you have damage on your nice new car?
Does the winter damage your car?

Stampede Glass has an awesome way to protect your car or truck from the winter. We can SAVE your new car with paint protection film (PPF) from Protex, an amazing, flexible product that protects all the painted surfaces of your car. It is a clear, almost-invisible, durable film that actually prevents your paint from getting chipped, scratched or scuffed, by debris and general everyday use. Getting your vehicle covered with PPF will protect your paint job from costly touch ups and repainting.

Keep in mind that your brand new vehicle should be protected BEFORE road damage occurs. One rock thrown from a passing car is enough to chip your paint job, which leaves that area susceptible to rust. Vehicles with damage already, provided it is minor damage, can still benefit from getting PPF.

What surfaces are recommended for PPF? You want to protect the areas that generally suffer the most damage, so your hood, fender, mirrors and bumper should be covered.

paint protection film

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